Dear Moms & that 15 extra pounds...

Dear Moms,

I am writing this to you (and me too ~ who am I kidding). I am writing this to you on behalf of your beautiful children and your families everywhere... 

Your children love you as you are. RIGHT. NOW.

Not the you that you were, not the you that you might be. Just you. And while we wait and postpone our family photo sessions years slip by. This is not to say you haven't captured every game, every recital and every milestone. But what is missing is YOU. The pressure these days with social media to look a certain way weighs on us all. I get it. But someday when you are looking back don't you want to remember those moments together? Won't your children? Don't you yourself cherish moments caught with your own parents or grandparents no matter their wrinkles or chins? 

Stop putting off being a part of photos "until I loose that extra 15 pounds."  Each day is a gift. Lets love ourselves ladies! Our partners and children do. 

Much love!