Oregon First Responder Engagement Session

This year I searched for a special engaged couple who spoke to my heart. It is never easy for me to choose, so many beautiful stories were shared with me by those in love. So many special and personal details of how couples fell in love. Each to me was a precious journey.

You see, I take finding love very seriously. I feel having someone who believes in you and helps build you up and supports your dreams is so very important. I feel that way and I am here today because I found just that sort of person in my life years ago. A person who didn't laugh at me as a single mom when I brought home a dated camera from a pawn shop. With the last of my money no less.  He never said I was crazy and full of dreams. Instead he said to me "you are amazing....lets get married!" This is not to say it hasn't been work. Marriage is always work and give and take. But the beauty of relationships and what can come of them is woven of so many hopes and dreams and memories. I love to capture these moments for people. 

So each year, I read through everyones stories and they fully reach my heart not just my eyes. This year I was swept away by the story of Jessie and Jared who are first responders here in Southern Oregon. I loved how through saving lives they became best friends and found love. I feel in careers like this having each other to lean on and support would be incredible and such a deep connection. I loved that they came with a bit of adventure because who could love Oregon properly without adventure!

Here is a peek at their creekside session~