Paris Wedding

This beautiful wedding took place not in Paris as it sounds but rather in Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon. It did however bring two families together in a unique and beautiful blend of French and American wedding cultures. One of my favorite touches was one of the two cakes was a traditional French wedding cake called a croquembouche a truly marvelous cake topped by an incredible sugar spun confection. Not to be outdone one of my favorites ~ Mrs Card's Cakes from Jacksonville, Oregon provided a stunner cake as well with a completely edible flower with incredible detail. There was simple elegance combined with vintage touches all around. Geiger and Sons was present with his Model T for a spin after the ceremony. The Loft Restaurant in Ashland, Oregon was the perfect relaxed setting for after with their open air balcony, a soft breeze and live music. 

A beautiful family coming together in marriage with their two darling twin girls and much joy. Celebrated by those from near and some from as far as France it was truly a moment to be treasured. 

Here is a look at Mr and Mrs Paris~