Redwood Forest Wedding Portraits

This beautiful couple from Texas found me through their photographer and friend who did their wedding. I was beyond flattered to not only have had a fellow industry professional reach out to me but an extremely talented one at that. Thank you so much Copper and Pearl! Santiago and Natalie were just the most incredible couple. When I saw their video and testimony done by Copper and Pearl to each other I was moved to tears by their love.

We met up in the middle of Oregon and Northern California Spring storms. I am sure they were not only in awe of our giants trees but also the size of our puddles. They resembled lakes that day. I explained what a Bigfoot was and we giggled over that - I am not sure Bigfoot has made it to Texas as of yet. We wandered paths that wound through the lush dark forest. Trees were covered in moss, the smell of rain was in the air. Beautiful pockets of fog drifted in and out occasionally cut by a ray of sunlight. It was pure magic. 

Here is a peek at The Yurritas in the Redwood Forest~