Spencer & Logan Tunnel 13 Ashland Oregon Engagment

// Tunnel 13 //Also known as the site of The Last Great Train Robbery in The West and or The Siskiyou Massacre. I had no idea this even existed here in Oregon right in my backyard. This couple requested this spooky location for their engagement session and after investigating I was drawn to see. Even though spooky and train tracks are NOT my thing ( I don't even like the dark). I had picked up a little something to add lens distortion recently while visiting Olde Town Antique Mall here in Grants Pass and tried it to see if it would add to the mystery and feel. If you want a good read look up Tunnel 13 it is pretty fascinating!

The second part of our session takes place higher outside Ashland into the Siskyous and has some incredible views. Also Logan brings along his beautiful guitar to play a bit for Spencer which is just oh-so-romantic of course! 

Just as a heads up it is illegal to shoot on live train tracks and I do not offer sessions on tracks.